New Guest Invitation

Congratulations on being invited to check out the D. Fish Selling LaunchPad!

We have a great group of solo professionals in our group and someone thinks you would be a good fit. Our members are working to bring in more clients and domore of what they love…while staying true to who they are and why they went into business for themselves in the first place.

But I’ll let you know right up front: we don’t have the secret to success.

That’s because there is no secret. We’re not here to pull aside the magic curtain to show you that one piece of knowledge that you’ve been missing.
What we do work on: building your confidence and competence around sales, networking, and marketing to help you balance the many responsibilities you shoulder as a solo professional.

To get started:

  • Send me an email at and say hello. Let me knowwho recommended you and a few things about your business.
  • I will send you the dates for our next few calls. Let me know the one thatworks best for you and I’ll send you the call-in info. (We usually meet every other Thursday morning from 8-9:15ish by Zoom).
  • I’ll also send you an invite to our exclusive LinkedIn group so you can get a sense of what our members are discussing.

That’s it. We’ll keep it simple. And afterwards, if you think joining would help you build you business, let me know and we’ll get you signed up. But truly, no pressure.

Feel free to reach out to me directly if you have any other questions.

Have a RockStar Day!