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Get more business faster and with less stress

Whether you call yourself an entrepreneur, freelancer, small business owner, solopreneur, or service provider, the struggle to get better sales results is real.

And no matter what service you provide, you have to be able to sell.  Because nobody is going to do it for you.

Wouldn’t you like to be able to sell without feeling icky or high-pressure?

And how would you like to have a  place where you can ask the business development questions you can’t ask anywhere else?  Somewhere that you could connect with other professionals who are working on the same goals?

"In the time David and I worked together, I have learned to set sales goals, plan out my sales talks, prospect for business, integrate my web site, blog, marketing collateral, and networking events for maximum sales performance, and most of all, overcome my selling anxiety."

-Alex C.

How We Help You

The D. Fish Selling LaunchPad is my exclusive group designed for independent professionals who want help building their businesses.

They have one of two problems.  They either:

  • Have activity and no strategy (which leaves them exhausted).
  • Or strategy and no activity (which leaves them stuck).

One of those sound a little too familiar?

In both scenarios, they usually fall way short of their sales and revenue goals.

You might not have the time, energy, and resources to devote to an intense 1:1 coaching regimen.  But my goal is to make coaching affordable and accessible to you.

Build the Sales Skills You Need

The structure is simple:

  • Two group video calls every month on the 2nd and 4th Thursday of the month (at 8am CST)
    • The first call dives into best practices for a topic
    • The second call is a hands-on workshop for members to integrate that topic into their business
  • Full access to our library of previous topics (all calls are recorded for review)
  • Accountability tasks between calls
  • Email coaching support throughout the month
  • VIP invitations and discounted tickets to special events and other programs

Move from “Hoping” to “Knowing”

We want to help you grow in three critical areas:

Get More Opportunities

Get More Opportunities

Get more opportunities by developing a kick-butt network.

Close More Sales

Close More Sales

Create more sales through better sales skills and processes.

Build Personal Growth

Build Personal Growth

Drive more activity to accomplish your personal and professional goals.

Business Colleagues Together Teamwork Working Office
Anyone working for themselves should have a mentor as well as a coaching group – and the LaunchPad gives me both. The group has helped me by giving me suggestions, teaching smart work basics, and keeping me accountable to reaching my goals. I would highly recommend D. Fish's Selling LaunchPad for anyone looking to support and grow their business.
Heather Bennett
Heather Bennett
Creative Brand Coach

Every Month is a New Topic:

  • Using Discovery Questions
  • Asking for Business Effectively
  • Business Planning
  • Creating Sales Funnels & Sales Decks
  • Leveraging LinkedIn Networking and Prospecting
  • Building a Networking/Marketing Strategy
  • Building Rapport/Trust
  • Efficient Sales & Networking Follow-Up
  • Building Value & Presenting Options
  • Integrating Time Management
  • Handling Client Objections
  • Clarifying Niche & Crafting Messages

How We Drive Your Sales Performance

This group is perfect for small business owners, solopreneurs, freelancers, solo service providers, and independent sales professionals.

Too often you have to go through the struggles of business development all on your own.  But the Inner Circle provides access to an expert business coach who can help you improve your competence and confidence.

Just as importantly, you’ll be able to connect and engage with other professionals who are working on the same goals.  That means you’ll have a place to ask your questions and share your hard-won insights with those who need them.


Have a question about the program?

David J.P. Fisher

Head Coach

Who Am I to Talk?

I’ve been a salesperson and a coach my entire career.  I started selling Cutco Cutlery in people’s kitchens back in college, and was the #6 salesperson in the country (out of 18,000).  Then I ran their Chicago office, training and coaching over 1,500 salesreps while there.  When I say I cut my teeth in the sales world early, it’s not just a bad pun.  It’s true!

Since starting RockStar Consulting, I’ve continued to coach and train thousands of business owners, entrepreneurs, and sales professionals on how to win business. I speak on stages around the world and have written 7 books on sales, networking, and business development.  And all the while I am continuing to sell…how do you think I get all of those clients?

I’m not sharing those numbers to impress you, but rather to impress upon you that I get it.   I know what it’s like to balance doing client work and having to find new clients at the same time.

And I’ve spent my career helping people move past those challenges to find more success than they’ve had in the past.

I’m always looking forward to our coaching calls! The knowledge that David shares around marketing, networking, and sales calls is invaluable to me. It’s great having access to someone who can answer my questions and help me move my business forward.
Kim Simmons
Kim Simmons
President – Typing Etc!


A million dollars. But it's OK, we take credit cards.

Don't worry, I'm kidding.

We’d love to have you in the Selling LaunchPad.

My one-on-one coaching programs start in the thousands of $$. Luckily, the Selling LaunchPad is only $99 a month.

That’s it. Start now and stay for as many months as you need.  You can leave any time.

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For the price of a Chipotle burrito lunch, you can get the coaching, support, and accountability that you’ve been looking for.

Our goal is very, very simple: help you get better at what you are already doing.  This isn’t a stagnant content library with some lame videos.  This is vibrant, engaged coaching to help you move forward as a professional.  Join us!

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  • 2 Group Coaching Calls a Month
  • Membership to gated LinkedIn Group
  • Full access to sales and networking library
  • Coaching feedback when you have a question
  • Special accountability calls throughout the year
  • First looks at exclusive reviews and reports on new sales tools
  • And other business building opportunities throughout the year
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